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Benzing Cogard – Non PC Linked Solution (New Version / Updated Model)

Benzing Cogard – Non PC Linked Solution (New Version / Updated Model)


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About The Product

Benzing Cogard – The simple, fast patrol system that ensures your security people are patrolling all of your premises.

You’re not usually around to see what your security people are doing. Out of hours, how do you know all parts of your premises are being patrolled? And how do you know that the various patrol routes you set are being followed?
Starter Package Includes:

  • Docking station & printer unit
  • Master chip
  • FREE hotline support

How does it work?

  • Install PROXY wall stations at strategic checkpoints along the security patrol routes
  • Each time a guard passes a wall station, he/she briefly holds the handheld PROXY data collection unit approx. 4inch (10cm) away to enable data transfer between the wall station and handheld unit
  • The unit registers: time of day and wall station’s ID. A beep and flash confirm data has been transferred correctly
  • At the end of a shift, the guard inserts handheld unit into the docking station box for data download into the software, and unit recharging

Benefits Summary

  • All routes patrolled – Routes patrolled and logged meaning night watchman is doing the job they are paid for
  • Specifications – 250 checkpoints / 1000 bookings small chip checkpoints
  • Electronic Checkpoint System for Security Personnel with integrated printer
  • Magnetic contacts for reliable operation in any weather
  • Maintenance-free – Stream-water-proof
  • Easy to handle – Vibration and impact-resistant to protect stored data
  • Tamper-proof
  • Easy to use

The Benzing Cogard security patrol system makes it easier to monitor patrol times and routes, and provides security guards with evidence of their patrols. To discuss bringing Benzing Cogard to your business, please call 01942 272061 or contact us.

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