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Amano Major CP3200 Starter Package (Fully Reconditioned)

Amano Major CP3200 Starter Package (Fully Reconditioned)



Starter System includes:

  • 250 Clock Cards
  • Mounting backboard for easy installation
  • 15 pocket card rack
  • 1 year warranty
  • Lifetime Hotline Support
  • Fully programmed ready to use

About The Product

Clear, easy to read clocking from the time recorder that reduces disputes, aids job costing and accepts 99% of all clocking cards

A favourite in factories, garages and repair shops, the CP3200 is ideal for any high usage environment where simple job costing is required to assist your man-hour planning and improve reporting. Part of the only range of clocking machines to vertically print times onto clock cards, the CP3200 reduces disputes and enables easier monitoring of staff timings.

Robust and durable, the CP3200 accepts 99% of all clocking cards and is highly recommended for use in industrial environments.


  • Assist manual job costing calculations by recording start and finish times of individual workers against specific tasks
  • Records up to 8 clocking’s per day and automatically shifts columns
  • 2 colour printing: standard clocking’s are printed black and overtime hours or high cost clocking’s are highlighted, for easy detection, in red ink
  • 2 relays for sounding a signal – links to external break bells
  • An internal sensor prevents overstamping, ensuring cards remain accurate and legible
  • Variable print formats can be programmed according to your specific requirements
  • Automatic summer & winter time changes
  • 72-hour full power reserve for up to 300 clockings
  • Accepts multiple card styles


Uses clock card refs:    Punch Hole 1-7 (103464 ) and Special Order

Uses ribbon ref. M3200



Additional information

Clock Card Type

Monthly Cards, Weekly Cards


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