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Absence Management

“How do we manage sick absence and returns to work more effectively?”

Platinum+ keeps track of the duration and types of absence – and stores everything from doctor’s notes to absence reviews on the system, so everything you need to manage returns to work is easily at hand.

Addtime: solving more of your absence management issues:

“How do we make sure we never miss a trigger point?”

Set trigger points and escalation stages on the system and it will tell you when a review is required, so essential milestones aren’t missed or delayed. In addition to managing more people back into work in a consistent way, you’ll also have the protection of a complete record of your actions should they be needed at a dispute or tribunal.

“Is Platinum+ Bradford Factor compatible?”

Yes. If you measure absenteeism by Bradford Factor scoring, you won’t have to change a thing.

“How can I use the system to understand what absence is costing us?”

Rolling trend and tactical absence analysis helps you build a clearer picture of the true impact of absence.

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