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Traditional clock card-based clocking machines

Low cost time recording that gives clock-ins and outs the accuracy your business needs. Ideal for small operations with manual time and attendance/payroll.

Addtime clock card-based time recorders and clocking machines do more than simply record time. They print automatically, switch between GMT and BST each spring and autumn, ring the bell for shifts and breaks, and highlight lateness. All this, in our lowest cost clocking machines.

Save, streamline and simplify with Addtime.

Choose from:

Clocking In Machines


Diamond KT9900

High speed punching from this flexible, efficient, reliable clocking machine

Clocking In Machines Needtek TM-920


Needtek TM-920

Simple, fast, low cost clocking machine

Amano Clipper Clocking In Machines


Amano Clipper

Heavy duty automatic time recording machine for the toughest work environments

Amano Major 3200 Clocking In Machine

Amano Major CP3000

Clear, easy to read clocking machine that reduces disputes, aids job costing and makes monitoring easier

Amano Major 3200 Clocking In Machine

Amano Major CP3200

Clear, easy to read time recording machine that’s ideal for high-usage environments where you need job costing. Accepts 99% of all clocking cards

Time to upgrade?

Need more from your clocking? Your clocking machine could be calculating the hours your staff work, so you don’t have to. It could even help you manage absence and integrate with your payroll too. Free up more time and more resource. Find out more.

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