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Should your Access Control system be doing more?

If your access control system is only preventing access to those without the authority to enter, it’s only reaching half its potential. Here’s why:

Access Control Systems

Example 1: Every day, your people swipe or scan their way through the system that protects your business (or parts of it) from unwanted/unauthorised access. Then, at the end of the day, the same people simply press the door release button and leave. The moment they do, they’re putting all the time and attendance data that could have been gathered to waste.

That’s because access control can only help your time and attendance when it logs the times that people enter and leave. Without both parts of the equation, that information is effectively useless.

Example 2: Your access control system keeps a careful log of everyone who enters the building. But it doesn’t record unsuccessful entry attempts. Why might that matter? Because it could highlight a faulty access card. It could raise a need for training. It could highlight something rather more sinister.

Example 3: Your access control system records who enters the building every day. But it doesn’t record entries and exits over the longer term. If it did, you would be able to build a picture of the true state of attendance within your business – and you wouldn’t need a separate time and attendance system to do it.

If you want a system that simply keeps the door locked unless you have the keycode/card/scan to open it, then a standalone system will work perfectly. But if you want an access control system that logs every action – including unsuccessful entry attempts – and actively supports the wider business, you need an access control system integrated with your time and attendance. A single system that controls both will make securing your people and your property simple.

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