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Streamline and simplify your workforce management systems

“I never knew it could do that!” Whenever we talk to Addtime clients, those are the words we hear most frequently. So if you already have a time and attendance system and you’re considering buying in a new piece of absence management, HR, access control or payroll software, stop. Before you find yourself with half a dozen systems that don’t talk to each other very well. Talk to us about workforce management today – we can help!

Like your business, your time and attendance requirements tend to grow over time. When you start out, from a single site with perhaps half a dozen members of staff, a simple clocking machine may be all you need to keep track of times worked.

Low cost, time-saving time and attendance

As the workforce starts to grow, collating all the information from clock cards and turning it into data your payroll people can use starts to take longer and longer. As a result, you switch to something a little more advanced.

It’s still a low cost time and attendance system, but now it does the hard work of collating your time and attendance information for you. It can handle the fact that you’re now operating shifts. It may be able to export the data it holds directly to your Sage payroll software. And it no longer relies on clock cards and clocking machines to check people in and out of work every day. Instead, proximity detectors or face scanners add a new layer of speed and security to the way you work.

Switching from time and attendance to workforce management systems

Your time and attendance management system is now far more advanced than it ever was. But like all growing businesses, you realise you could be so much more efficient if only you could give other aspects of your workforce management systems the same sort of streamlining treatment.

It’s at this point that businesses usually begin casting around for systems that can automate other workforce processes. From job costing to access control, lone and remote workers to absence management, they find a system that can manage each and every element more easily. The problem is, no business wants to manage half a dozen systems – and the more systems in play, the less likely it is that they’ll all integrate comfortably with one another.

“I never knew it could do that”

Most (although by no means all) of our clients start conversations with us by talking about time and attendance. They’ve reached a scale where intelligent, powerful systems like Addtime’s Platinum+ can help transform the way their business records, processes and manages the hours its people work.

Because time and attendance is so often the driver for change, that’s where the focus naturally lies. With their new system installed, they make full use of its time and attendance and payroll integration capabilities, without ever really exploiting the rest of it.

When we next get in touch with them they tell us they love their system, and that they’re now looking around for an absence management/HR/access control/job costing system to work alongside it. That’s when we point out they already have one.

So if you’re using an Addtime system – especially Platinum+ – and have a sneaking suspicion you could be using it to do more, you’re probably right.

Call us on 01942 272 061 and we’ll show you the many other ways a workforce management system can help you save, streamline and simplify.

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