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Time and Attendance Software

Ideas to help you manage your staff more effectively, get the most from your time and attendance/workforce management software solution.

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Addtime joins GM Chamber of Commerce

“We’ve changed a lot over the past year. Joining the largest Chamber of Commerce outside of London is the latest example of that…” Like many companies -probably like yours – Addtime has been part of business collectives before. Over the course of our 30+ year history we’ve been involved in business groups when we were …

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Why are your people off work? And what can you do?

According to a recent survey, 57% of workers have rung in sick within the last 3 years, despite not being sick. But why are people missing work? And what can you do about it? By and large, the data seems to agree: ‘minor’ ailments (colds, flu, minor back and muscle pain, stomache upsets) account for …

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How much is absence costing your business?

£17 billion. That’s the annual cost to UK businesses of employee absence, according to ACAS. But what is employee absence costing you? That £17 billion is just one eye-opening stat in a sea of absence related data. PwC puts the figure as high as £29 billion, adding that UK workers take 4 times the number …

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Streamline Your Workforce Management

Streamline and simplify your workforce management systems

“I never knew it could do that!” Whenever we talk to Addtime clients, those are the words we hear most frequently. So if you already have a time and attendance system and you’re considering buying in a new piece of absence management, HR, access control or payroll software, stop. Before you find yourself with half …

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Biometric clocking in machines

Are biometric clocking in machines a good idea?

In this article, we give an overview of how biometric clocking in machines can benefit your business by uniquely verifying an individual’s attendance on-site and eliminating time clock fraud. Each year businesses lose staggering amounts of revenue due to time theft and attendance fraud. A troubling example of this featured on our screens last week …

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Absence Management

What is the Bradford Factor and how should you use it?

What is the bradford factor? The Bradford Factor is a formula used in HR management for calculating absenteeism, in particular short-term workplace absence. What it isn’t is a prescriptive guide to dealing with that absence. So once you’ve made your Bradford Factor calculations, what should you do with them? Frequent short-term sick absences are always …

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Working Time Regulations

The Working Time Regulations (WTR) define holidays, rest periods and maximum working hours for your employees. The regulations are law, enforceable by the Health & Safety Executive who can levy improvement notices and unlimited fines for companies in breach of them. The below article explains the key points with regards to working time regulations: Working …

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