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How pro-active monitoring can make managing easier

On any day of the week, management can feel like a cross between fire-fighting, juggling and plate spinning. In this post, we explore the automated technology than can make every manager’s day less frantic.

It’s the seemingly insignificant jobs that can really cost. Your managers should be carrying out the latest fire alarm test, or checking the door activity log. They should be on the ball with appraisal dates, disciplinary dates and long service awards. But busy days mean things get missed. Usually, the impact is small. Yet the consequences can be dramatic – and whether the loss is of reputation, morale, property or business, it’s no defence for a manager to say “I was busy”.

Busy managers need help, and one of the simplest yet most powerful ways of doing that is with a proactive system of HR monitoring and alerts. These don’t come as standard with most time and attendance or workforce management systems, but they’re a powerful tool in helping managers be more productive and making workplaces run more smoothly.

Simple. Powerful.

Managers can tailor their own alerts, feeding into the system the tasks and deadlines they need to meet. In return, the system alerts the manager when action is required and can even send the manager to the relevant part of the workforce management system to find the report, data or log they will need to carry out the task.

From missed clockings to payroll countdown reminders, employee birthdays to training and qualification expiry dates, a monitoring and alert system helps managers ensure the things that need to happen to make business run smoothly, happen when they should.

Want to find out more about our proactive monitoring and alert system? We’d love to show how we can streamline and simplify the way you work, and help you save. Our experienced team are more than happy to help, and offer advice. Please call 01942 272061 to speak to a solution specialist or contact us.

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