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How Clocking in Systems can help you manage Time and Attendance

Accountability is important for employees in any industry and time attendance is a big part of this. The right clocking-in system can help your business ensure that your workforce knows you value accountability and also make it much easier to manage time and attendance. With a clocking-in system that suits your business, you can simplify the process so that it’s user-friendly for employees and offers you a range of benefits that are designed to make life easier.

Clocking in systems – what do you need to consider?

It can be useful to look at your industry and the type of clocking in software that is already being most commonly used. Make sure you take into account the individual needs of the business, including the shift patterns that you operate, the total size of the workforce, as well as who needs to clock in and out and who doesn’t. It will also be important to look at the way your workplace is designed – ideally, the clocking-in system that you use won’t cause congestion for employees as they arrive and leave. This is something that is especially important to consider in the light of current COVID guidance for workplaces.

Clocking-in Systems

Clocking in systems that can help improve time and attendance management

These are some of the options available when it comes to clocking in systems and how they can help your business improve.

  • Time tracking software. This could be something as simple as an app that employees can use to stay accountable when it comes to time and attendance. All you need to do as a business is make sure that you print off a QR code and make it accessible at arrival and departure points within the workplace. This system will provide basic information about who is clocking in and out and when they are doing it. It can help to keep track of sick days etc. and many employees enjoy scanning the code as they arrive and leave.

  • ID time clocking systems. This option requires staff ID or a passcode that can be used at various registration points around the premises. An ID time clocking system makes it easy to monitor attendance and to keep track of any lateness or absence. It’s worth remembering that ID badges or cards can be easily lost so you will need to have a process in place for reporting this. This is one of the simplest ways to better manage time and attendance and requires little equipment.

  • Biometric time clocking systems. This is basically a clocking in system that relies on fingerprint or facial recognition. There are obvious benefits to this, as employees don’t require an ID pass or a phone to scan a QR code. This option can also provide greater security for the business as fingerprints cannot be lost or faked. It’s very simple to use this system to maintain comprehensive information about your workforce’s arrival and departure times, as long as your employees are happy for you to have this kind of information on file.

Clocking in systems provide a wealth of opportunities for improving the way that your business manages time and attendance, not just in terms of operational efficiency but employee experience too.

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