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Addtime joins GM Chamber of Commerce

“We’ve changed a lot over the past year. Joining the largest Chamber of Commerce outside of London is the latest example of that…”

Like many companies -probably like yours – Addtime has been part of business collectives before. Over the course of our 30+ year history we’ve been involved in business groups when we were purely a clocking machine/time recording company, and again when we shifted to being far more time and attendance-centric. But we’ve never been involved in the Chamber of Commerce – and we felt our latest changes meant it was high time to put that right.

Staying on home turf

As you’ll see from the pages elsewhere on this site, we’re no longer purely a clocking machine business. And we’re no longer simply a time and attendance company. Now we deal in whole workforce management solutions, helping businesses like yours save, streamline and simplify their workforce processes.

Whenever you go through a major evolution like the one we’ve been managing over the past few months, it can be easy to lose sight of the relationships that are right on your doorstep. We’re a national company, but from a practical perspective, it’s those businesses closest to us – on Merseyside, in Lancashire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester – that are easiest to service.

So that’s one of the reasons we’ve joined the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, to make sure we’re staying in touch with our North West base – the businesses on our home turf.

Talking about an evolution

There are other reasons for joining too. Over the last year our services and ambitions have evolved. It’s important that we shout about that – that the people who may once have known about us as the natural choice for their clocking machines and clock cards, now see us as the natural choice for biometric clocking, absence management, visitor management systems and much, much more.

Individually, we need to evolve too, and the Chamber is a great place to find support, advice and training that can help take the company and its staff further.

The Chamber of Commerce difference

Already, joining is making a difference, boosting our profile as well as our Twitter following. Over the coming years, we hope it will take our distinctive, solution driven approach to workforce management across the whole of Greater Manchester.

Find out what we could do to help you save, streamline and simplify your workforce management processes. Please call us on 01942 272061 or email sales@addtime.testing.attaindev.co.uk

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