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Diamond KT9900

Product Description

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High speed punching from this flexible, efficient, reliable clocking machine


You can clock your people in fast with Diamond clocking machines. A 30 per minute punch rate ensures no delays at the clocking machine, while 24 combinations of setting, colour and column ensure all your work schedules can be accommodated.

  • Detector identifies the front and back of monthly cards
  • Set day line change time freely
  • High speed / low noise operation
  • Perpetual calendar for long-lasting effectiveness
  • Internal dustproof protection and sensor cover
  • Automatically switches between BST/GMT
  • 2 colour, 9-pin dot matrix printer shows date & time and makes identifying lateness easy
  • Music melody or bell alarm with connection for external bells
  • Auto feed and eject card mechanism
  • Dual show via clock and LCD
  • Supports weekly or monthly clock cards

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time and attendance