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Every day, tens of thousands of people scan, swipe or clock into work using Addtime workforce management systems. When we started, back in 1982, you would have called us for your punch cards and clocking machines. Today, things are a bit different.

Today’s workforce management systems can do so much more than swipe your people in and out. They can make your staff safer, your processes simpler and your profits healthier. That’s Addtime, working with you to tailor workforce management systems that simply make life easier.

We call it complete workforce vision. Discover it for yourself.

Which Time and Attendance System Do I Need?

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AddTime Services

Your workforce management system, tailored to your business. Let our team install, train and maintain, and discover complete workforce vision.

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FAQS & Solutions

How do I eliminate time theft? Can I do payroll faster? How do I know who’s on site right now? Discover the system that answers the questions you really want answering.

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Solutions For Sectors

Your business isn’t quite like anyone else’s. That’s why Addtime has developed personalised workforce management – answers for the issues you face every day.

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Case Studies

Every day, Addtime systems are helping businesses like yours manage their people and processes better. Here’s how.

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Since 1982, we’ve been helping to make every working day easier by giving businesses like yours a complete workforce vision.

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Ideas to help you manage your staff more effectively, and make the most of your workforce management system.

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Recent Case Studies

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