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Simple, secure clocking – and much more – to help smaller companies eradicate attendance fraud, reduce the cost of processing timesheets, and make business more efficient. Discover the exceptional value of Platinum Junior and Premium.

Eradicate attendance fraud and you could reduce your payroll costs by an average of 3%. That’s just one of the benefits of Platinum Junior and Premium our low-cost time and attendance systems specially developed to give smaller businesses many of the benefits of larger workforce management systems.

time and attendance

Easy and swift to set up, tailor your Platinum system to your business needs in 3 quick steps:

1 Method

Choose the clocking-in method that’s right for your business

With fast, ultra-secure biometric fingerprint or face scanning (proximity key fob / badge readers also available).

2 Performance

Choose the software performance level and depth that’s right for you:

Choose Platinum Junior for:50 employee capacity, Open shifts, 3 rates of pay, automated holidays, simple reporting and more from our lowest cost time and attendance system.

Choose Platinum Lite for: 100 employee capacity, above features, plus shift schedules, absence, lateness, overtime, Sage payroll integration, work scheduling, comprehensive reporting and more.

3 Support

Add Addtime Support to keep your time and attendance system performing, day in, day out.


Platinum Junior or Premium is supplied as a ‘system in box’, complete with backboard and cabling, making it extremely easy to install and setup. Designed for both new and old operating systems – and server compatible – bringing Platinum Junior or Premium to your business is simple, quick and painless.


At a Glance…

FunctionPlatinum JuniorPlatinum Lite
Number of Clocking Terminals1Unlimited
Multi User Licenses
Employee Capacityup to 50up to 100
TerminalsBio / Prox & FaceBio / Prox & Face
HR / PersonnelBasicBasic
Time & AttendanceBasicComprehensive
Rates of Pay36
Fire Roll Call
Access Control
Payroll Integration
Remote Clocking
USB Downloads


From biometrics to proximity and IP65 rated protection to the latest battery operated clocking terminals. Addtime now supplies hardware options for your every requirement. Contact us now to discuss your specific needs.


SilkBio 101TC
(Multi Bio Face / Fingerprint)


Screen Examples

entry level
Platinum Junior - Daily Totals
entry level
Platinum Junior - Booking
entry level
Platinum Junior - Monthly Absence
entry level
Platinum Lite - Planner
entry level
Platinum Lite - Weekly Clockcard
entry level
Platinum Lite - Monthly Attendance


“I’d recommend Platinum software. It’s really straightforward. Really simple to use. And Addtime have really looked after us.”

Jayne Dunne, Payroll Manager, Baa Bar


time and attendance
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