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Standalone Access Control

Simple, secure control of who can access your building. Real time reassurance about who’s on site now, linked to your workforce management system. And real-time roll call and fire roll call capabilities. Discover a range of standalone access control products from Addtime.

Platinum Enterprise access control solutions protects both your people and your buildings enabling real-time reassurance about where staff are located and who’s on site as a real-time roll call and in emergencies a fire roll call solution.

Other features of the access control software include:

  1. Biometric access control for enhanced security using face and fingerprint
  2. Audit trails for door ajar/door forced and failed entry
  3. Access zone and groups allow you to control times and levels of access across your building
  4. Greater security with one complete system for attendance and access control meaning access is disabled by the software and not by collecting badges or fobs


Looking to upgrade or review your access control system? Call us now on 01942 272061, email us at sales@addtimerecording.co.uk or use our enquiry form to see how Platinum Enterprise can solve your security, attendance and health and safety needs all in one. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to offer tailored advice about the right product for your business.

    Trilogy (PL3000)

    Keypad-less standalone access control locking ultra-vandal-deterrence;...
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    Trilogy (DL2800)

    Trilogy T3 standalone digital cylindrical keyless...
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    Trilogy DL 2700

    #1 most popular standalone pushbutton cylindrical...
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