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Workforce Management for Oil & Gas

Emergencies made safer. Processes made simpler. Savings made bigger. Discover the difference the right time and attendance system could make to your oil & gas business.

Upstream. Downstream. And all points in between. Addtime workforce management systems are saving the oil and gas industry time and money.

Platinum Enterprise from Addtime cuts the cost of admin – from rostering to manual payroll submissions. Across the oil and gas industry, Platinum Enterprise improves staff management and productivity, improves compliance, reduces risk and keeps your people safe. Here’s how:

Flexible time & attendance

We’re already working with oil and gas companies whose staff numbers fluctuate dramatically. Whether you need a time and attendance system that can log a few hundred people or a few thousand, at one site or several, Platinum Enterprise can help ensure the hours logged are the hours worked.

Find new efficiencies

In the current environment, every efficiency saving you can make is worthwhile. Cost centre analysis with Platinum Enterprise enables every worker to assign their time to specific departments or tasks, so you have a much clearer understanding of which functions are meeting their budgets, which aren’t, and why.

Manage time – anywhere

A global oil and gas operation needs a global solution to managing leave, checking rosters and viewing timesheets. The Platinum Enterprise Employee Self Service (ESS) module allows users to book leave, check rotas, view hours worked and more in real time, via computer, tablet or smartphone. Managers can view and approve absences remotely too.

Emergencies made safer

The fire alarms are blaring. Before you can know that your staff are safe, first you need to know who was in work. But there’s no time to get to a terminal. And no access to a printer. Platinum Enterprise can help. The moment the alarm sounds, you can have a complete roll call of the day’s workforce pinged to your phone, so you can manage every emergency more effectively.

Time & attendance – even without a network

We know from our work in this sector that not every part of your operation may have a network connection – or even power. Addtime have time and attendance solutions for every operation, including battery operated systems for when you need personnel, absence and time and attendance reporting from a standalone system.

Reduce risk

A big workforce means you’ll have a mass of qualifications, accreditations, licences and certificates to keep up to date. The Platinum Enterprise HR module enables you to keep every person’s paperwork in one place and alert you when renewals and refreshers are due.

So you never need run the risk of non-compliance.

No network or power source

Our Timy portable battery operated software gives you the time and attendance, personnel and absence management essentials when there’s no available mains power or network.

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