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Workforce Management for Manufacturing

Discover the system designed to help you protect profit by improving punctuality and job costing, and reducing time theft and admin.

Discover the system designed to help you protect profit.

For any manufacturing business, success is built not only on what you make, but on your operating margins. When your people are your most expensive asset, workforce management systems from Addtime can help ensure you maximise your margins and protect your profit.

Because Addtime’s workforce management solutions are modular, we can tailor the system to your business, so every element makes you more productive and more efficient.

Your workforce management system could help you:

Reduce time theft & improve punctuality

New time and attendance systems include biometric scanners, so you eliminate ‘buddy punching’ and pay only for the time your people work.

Avoid costly rostering errors

A roster that inadvertently invokes overtime, exceeds working hours regulations or lacks qualified staff is a roster that costs money. Create tailored rostering rules that protect your business.

Identify areas for improvement

Use the job costing feature to breakdown the individual processes involved in making a product. Then, analyse the target hours and costs vs actual hours and costs to identify variances and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Save time and money on HR admin

Employee self-service lets workers book their own leave and manage their own time, reducing demands on HR. And on-site terminals or mobile access means they don’t have to work at computers to do it.

Make job costing more accurate

Plan jobs more effectively and track progress against budget. Give quotes backed by data. Identify where margins are made and lost, and make every manufacturing job more profitable.

Ensure licences and qualifications are up to date

Alerts eliminate the risk of your people’s training, permits and licences expiring. So production never stops for lack of people qualified to use your machinery.

Save on manned reception costs

An Addtime Visitor Management System will tell you exactly who is on site, issue secure visitor permits and allow controlled access to the building – all from an unmanned reception. It could even manage your on-site contractors. Ask us how.

Test fire alarm systems without a drill

Not every alarm test needs to disrupt production. With Fire Alarm Roll Call, you can test your systems, and keep your people safe, without production stopping.

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Addtime workforce management systems can make your manufacturing
business more productive – and more profitable.

Talk to us creating a system tailored to your business. Please call 01942 272061 or contact us.

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