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Workforce Management for Logistics

Discover workforce management tailored to a workforce on the move.

Safety, productivity and savings – on the move

Clocking in is easy when your people have to come into the office or factory each day. But what do you do when they start every day somewhere different? How do you ensure they’re safe? How do you eliminate time theft when the time is being spent miles away? And how can you hope to make the incremental improvements that add up to big savings, when you don’t know exactly what your remote workers are doing?

Platinum Enterprise workforce management systems from Addtime gives you complete workforce vision – even if you don’t physically see your workforce from one week to the next. Here’s how:

Employee self-service (ESS) – wherever your employees are

How do your people clock into work each day when, on any given day, they could be anywhere? Platinum Enterprise makes it easy. With web-based ESS your remote workers can clock in and out, book and manage leave, check rotas and more, wherever they are.

Keep your staff safe

It’s an awful lot easier to fulfil your duty of care to your staff when you know where they are, and how long they’ve been on the road. Platinum Enterprise’s lone worker feature lets you see start times, routes taken and arrival times, so even your most remote workers are never completely on their own.

Make call outs faster and more profitable

How much better could your service be if you know where your people were at any given time? With Platinum Enterprise ESS capability with GPS location, you’ll always know where your people are. That means, when there’s an urgent call-out, pick-up or service issue, you’ll be able to easily select the person best placed to respond.

How do you know your remote workers are where they say they are?

Platinum Enterprise ESS capability uses GPS location tracking to let managers see exactly where your drivers, sales people or repair teams are when they clock in. So you can eliminate time theft, even when your people are miles away.

Reporting that solves problems

Use GPS location with your ESS system and you can do far more with your data than recording time and attendance. Create more efficient rosters. Cost new jobs more accurately. You can even receive alerts on excessive driver speeds, so you can take action to reduce risk.

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