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Workforce Management for Hospitality

Save time, cut waste, save money. From flexible shifts to managing zero hours contracts to simple payroll processing, make running your business easier with Addtime.

Time & attendance and a whole lot more, made to fit the way you work.

For any hotel, bar or restaurant, success always comes down to the same thing: being agile and flexible enough to match the staff you need to the customers you’ve got. Addtime workforce management systems help you manage staffing more easily, so whether it’s a quiet afternoon out of season or the busiest event of the year, you’ll always stay efficient.

Your workforce management system will reduce your admin and labour costs, and make your business more efficient. Here’s how:

Right people, right time, in the right numbers

When your shifts change constantly, you need a rostering system that can not only create a huge range of workforce schedules, but also help ensure you have the right skills in place, that you don’t roster anyone who’s on leave, and that costs stay controlled. Addtime makes it easy.

Pay for the time that’s worked

With so many shift patterns, it’s easy to lose track of exactly who’s doing what. Platinum Enterprise ensures your people are paid for the time they actually work, with advanced biometrics that prevent ‘buddy-punching’.

Zero Hours Contracts

Use bespoke scripting to tailor your Platinum Enterprise, so it can calculate holiday time for hours worked under zero hours contracts.

Time and attendance made easy

Say goodbye to paper timesheets and the time and frustration of getting them completed and authorised. Platinum Enterprise Time and Attendance from Addtime logs every entry, exit, break, lunch and appointment.

Cut the time you spend on payroll

Every month you spend hours – perhaps days – collating your worksheets and preparing the payroll submission. Platinum Enterprise is compatible with most leading payroll software systems, so you can have everything you need ready in minutes.

Make better financial decisions

When you can log the time your people work to specific cost centres, you can see how each area of your business is performing – and how much each costs. Platinum Enterprise Cost Centre Analysis enables every worker to log their time to the cost centres you set. So you can easily manage rates of pay that change depending on the role, and your finance department has better information that leads to better decisions.

Reporting that solves problems

Why does staffing the bar seem to cost more than housekeeping? How could a roster change help the restaurant be more efficient? Is a lack of experienced staff to blame for issues at events? Comprehensive, bespoke reporting lets you use the data your system generates to find answers to the issues that affect your day to day business.

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