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Workforce Management for Healthcare

It’s time to escape the paper based nightmare of payroll, timesheets, rostering and leave management. Let Addtime show you how.

How can a workforce management system help you make more of your budget?

A staff shortage in a healthcare business isn’t like a staff shortage elsewhere. When there’s an error in your leave planning or rostering, you’ll pay for it in in inflated supply staff and locum costs, time, hassle and admin.

Addtime can help. With intelligent scheduling, leave and absence management, HR and time and attendance you’ll have more control over your people – and your costs. Here’s how:

Work schedules made simple

When you’ve a near endless list of roles and responsibilities, rostering them all so that you have the right skills in the right place at the right time – and at the right cost – can seem like an impossible job.

But it’s not impossible with Platinum Enterprise. Thanks to simple yet intelligent work schedules, you can create bespoke rosters that match your budget, the shifts you operate, and the rules you set.

Fool proof time and attendance

If your people aren’t on an electronic time and attendance system, how do you know what they’re really working? Paper timesheets mean manual errors, half-remembered finish times and no real management oversight.

But with Time and Attendance from Platinum Enterprise, electronic timesheets record the time actually worked, flag up inconsistencies and help you understand what’s really happening with your resource.

Helpful absence management

Sometimes it’s not just a matter of numbers; it’s a question of skills. The Platinum Enterprise Absence Management module can help make your leave management more effective, helping you avoid costly mistakes, like approving leave that leaves your department short of key experience and capabilities.

Admin is easier too, with requests and approval handled through the system, and the annual update of leave entitlement handled automatically.

Secure clocking

Biometric scanners help reduce time theft through ‘buddy punching’. Unless your finger is on the terminal, you can’t clock in.

Secure access

There are areas of your facility where controlling access is essential. The Platinum Enterprise Access Control module keeps off-limits areas off-limits, with detailed records of who enters and leaves, and even the times of failed entry attempts.

Reporting that solves problems

Unless you have the right data, you’ll never know in advance whether tweaks to the way you work will be an improvement or not. Platinum Enterprise provides the detailed reports that give deep insight into the way you work. So improvement measures are based on evidence, and are more likely to be effective.

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