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Workforce Management for Food Production

Every food preparation area needs to be carefully controlled. Addtime can help you manage yours, with access control, moisture and dust resistant scanners, and more.

How can a workforce management system help maintain your standards?

There’s more to running a successful food manufacturing business than tightly controlling people, processes and profits. There’s compliance too.

Addtime workforce managements systems can help every part of your business. The time and attendance module will prevent your business losing money to time theft and manual errors. You’ll save time on admin. And from door access controls to HR, you’ll find security and compliance are easier to manage. Here’s how:

Access controlled

When it’s vital that no-one should have unauthorised access to food preparation areas, control and log every entry and exit with Platinum Enterprise Access Control. Maintain real time control of exactly who your doors admit.

Accurate job costing

Platinum Enterprise Job Costing lets you assign hours worked to specific departments, tasks and even people, so the resource required for every job becomes clearer. And when estimating for the next job is more certain, it becomes more profitable.

Take one of your products, for example. Break its production down into individual tasks, and give each task a cost centre. As staff log time to each task, you’ll get a complete picture of the time taken to produce each product, and its cost. Compare actual against target, and you can use the variance to highlight areas of waste, production bottlenecks, training issues, downtime and more.

Reduce contamination risk

Protect your high risk areas by replacing fobs and badges with biometric solutions – finger, hand, and no-touch face-scans.

Analysis that protects your product and reputation

Every time your people need a break, there’s protective clothing to be removed and replaced before they return to the preparation area. You know that can’t possibly take less than, say, 5 minutes. Tell the system to report when someone logs a break of less than 5 minutes, and if standards are slipping somewhere, you’ll know about it.

Hygienic clocking

Thanks to proximity detection and facial recognition biometrics, your people can clock on and clock off without ever having to touch the terminal, so hands stay clean, hygiene standards stay high and the risk of contamination is reduced.

Ask us about IP65 rated weatherproof terminals, ideal for wash down areas where every surface needs to be spotless.

Keep qualifications current

It’s easy to lose track of when your people’s accreditations and certificates lapse. You don’t want to be caught out rostering a member of staff whose food hygiene certificate or equipment operation licence has expired. Platinum Enterprise’s HR module ensures you never will.

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