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Fire Alarm Roll Call

In an emergency, Platinum+ will help your people escape, and tell you who needs to be accounted for.

When the alarms sound, having an accurate, up to date roll call of everyone in the building – and then delivering it to any phone or printer – can save lives.

Keeping your people safe is easier with Addtime. Thanks to the simplicity of the Fire Alarm Roll Call system, when your people need to evacuate, the system will help by:

  1. Automatically unlocking all the access controlled doors along their escape routes; and
  2. Sending an up to date roll call of everyone in work. You can choose whether that report is sent to a printer, or via email to a phone or other smart device

Because the Platinum+ Fire Roll Call system maintains a real-time picture of attendance within the building, you know that the roll call report you receive is accurate and up to date – so you can give the emergency services current information. And no lives are risked searching for people who aren’t in the building.

The fire roll call system monitors alarm signals constantly and never requires resetting. The only resets needed will be on access controlled doors unlocked during the evacuation.

Fire roll call for the largest organisations

For larger or multi-site organisations, talk to us about assembly point terminals designed to provide accurate roll call data for up to 15,000 employees at networked point of assembly.

Know exactly who is where at all times, and keep your people safer. Talk to Addtime about your Fire Roll Call requirements.

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