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Over 6,500 companies worldwide are using Platinum+ reports, exports and dashboards to provide the powerful intelligence that makes good decision-making easier using tables, graphs and charts to display information in user friendly format. Discover what it could do for you.


  • Reports – 190 editable reports broken down into multiple categories for detailed reporting help you see your business more clearly and make decisions more effectively
  • Exports – Easily export raw data to external applications such as Microsoft Excel or CSV files, so you can create your own ad hoc reports, or combine with third party data using 19 editable templates..
  • Dashboard – Gather together the everyday essential data, and presents it as a user friendly, high-level overview in table, chart or graph form. It’s ideal for busy senior managers who need information fast without the data overload.
  • Customisation – Bespoke scripts that let you generate specific reports your business needs. Whether your aim is to understand key trends, increase control, reduce costs or save time, you can create the reports that help make it happen
  • To do List – Notifications or calls to action screen pro-actively identifying anomalies within your company.

Benefits Summary

  • Comprehensive reporting – 190 editable templates give you immediate access to a world of detailed reporting, but they are just the beginning. Additional filters interrogate data by date range, grouping or simply by individual employee for even more options.
  • Personalisation – One of the major strengths of Platinum+ is its customisation ability, there are no other products in this market sector that offer such a high level of personalisation all bespoke to any businesses specific requirements.
  • Sales Groupings – Filter reports by site location, department, manager, customer or country to ensure intelligence is broken down in a way that makes it relevant to you.
  • Data Overview – We know that sometimes too much data can be just as unwelcome as too little, so the dashboard was created to produce a high level data overview in the form of graphs, charts and tables.
  • Automated warnings – Using the To do List alerts can be produced If employees clock-in too early, core time infringements, unauthorised absences, license or training expiry dates.

workforce management reporting

workforce management data

workforce management data


Your workforce management system gathers data on everything from attendance, personnel and absence to job costing and access control. We’ll help you get more from the information, to help improve your business’ decision making and stay 1-step ahead.

Save, streamline and simplify: make Platinum+ Reporting part of your whole workforce management system.


“I’d recommend Platinum+. It’s really straightforward. Really simple to use. And Addtime have really looked after us.”

Jayne Dunne, Payroll Manager, Baa Bar


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