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Real Time Roll Call

From a health and safety perspective, knowing who is onsite right now can make a big difference to your business and reduce risk. Discover Platinum Enterprise real time roll call engine ‘the Attendance Display Panel’, just one of the many business benefits from our market leading workforce management software.


real time roll call

Benefits Summary

  • Who’s in or left the building? – The Platinum Enterprise Attendance Display Panel identifies attendance status for your entire workforce or department, green for onsite and red indicating offsite, giving you instant, real-time data of who’s in work, when they arrived, who’s out, and when they left. It’s a powerful tool for understanding the true state of staff attendance within your business.
  • ‘Return-to-work’ reminders – Do you need to know when a person clocks in following long term sickness or absence as part of company HR procedures? Platinum Enterprise real time roll call provides a return to work indicator via the Attendance Display Panel against individuals. So, next time they’re in the building, you’ll receive the alert that enables you to carry out the back to work interviews or a well-being review.
  • Single and multi-site support – Platinum Enterprise real time roll call can run on both local and remote networks*, so that a clocking made by a member of staff on one site can be viewed in real time by HR teams or managers in different parts of the country.
  • 100% roll call, compliance – Using the latest biometric/proximity touchscreen terminals, hourly rated staff can clock in and out using fingerprint scanning, to reduce time clock fraud, whilst salaried staff can use badges or fobs for Health and Safety only. The result is a 100% roll call that helps you achieve full compliance across your business.
  • Fire Roll Call – For even further Health and Safety compliance why not add a fire roll call monitor panel to provide a full fire roll call.

Note: For salaried staff not wishing to use the clocking terminals Platinum Enterprise door access control can be used with readers on both sides of the access and exit points to record all staff activity.

*Data transmission over multi-sites is always dependent on the quality of VPN connection – talk to our support team for more details.

real time roll call

Old style manual attendance display panel

real time roll call

Platinum Enterprise’s scalable automated attendance display panel

The Platinum Enterprise Attendance Display Panel gives receptionists and managers an immediate real time picture of who’s on or off site and when they have arrived or left. It helps managers understand the true nature of attendance within your business, and aid Health and Safety compliance.

Save, streamline and simplify: make Real Time Roll Call part of your whole workforce management system with Platinum Enterprise.


“I’d recommend Platinum Enterprise. It’s really straightforward. Really simple to use. And Addtime have really looked after us.”

Jayne Dunne, Payroll Manager, Baa Bar


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