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Platinum+ Access Control

Simple, secure control of who can access your building at what times of day with real time Health & Safety reporting of who’s on site now for your roll call and fire roll call capabilities. Discover Platinum+ Access Control from Addtime.


access control

A standalone access control system can control who gains access to your premises, but when you integrate your access control system with the rest of your time and attendance software it can do so much more. Discover Access Control that works with the rest of your time and attendance system to make your people and business more secure and more efficient.

It can control doors, barriers and gates, monitors when staff and contractors arrive and leave. It can also monitor door activity, so you not only know when a door has been left open, but also who has tried and failed. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Platinum+ Personnel It also ensures that when a member of staff or a contractor leaves work or completes their project, they won’t be able to re-enter the building.

Benefits Summary

  • Secure areas – Protect key areas like cash, server and R & D rooms with restricted access to some or all staff.
  • Access – Create access patterns and free zones around the building to protect both your people and your property.
  • Monitoring – Keep track of your employees simply with real time monitoring of door activity
  • 12 Month Rolling Absence – Spot absence trends over time by company, site or department.
  • Alerts – Receive alerts notifying you of doors ajar, forced or failed entry attempts.
  • Absence Statistics – Managers can plan and control staffing levels in their departments eg. Fork lift truck drivers, Heath & Safety / First Aid officers are always present on site.
  • Audit trail – Comprehensive reports provide an archive of all door activity and details of who has attempted to access the site outside permitted hours.
  • Real-time roll call – Install in/out readers on doors & know who is on or off site at all times.
  • Standardisation – Quickly disable lost and stolen badges and regain security of your buildings with 1 system for both attendance and access control.
  • Insights & Disparities – Gain insight into what time your people leave work (as opposed to clocking off) so you can address any disparities.
  • Need higher levels of security and compliance? – Add biometric fingerprint technology to access control to ensure your supplier’s compliance needs are met.
  • Smart Booking with access control – Employees must pass through door 1 before they can access door 2.
access control
access control
access control

simple access control system

simple access control

Example Turnstyle

access control system


access control systemt9-0240 weatherproof proximity reader

access control

ID Badge

access control systems

t9-1010 access control terminal

access control

t9-0530 Platinum+ door furniture

Platinum+ integrated access control solution brings you indispensable security, protecting both your people and your property as well as real time roll call to improve your Health & Safety compliance.

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Looking to monitor the number and types of visitors to your site for increased security and compliance with built in Safeworks contractor software see our unique visitor management software solution ‘SkyVisitor’.

access control system

Addtime V9 Access Control Platinum+ Door Access Integration

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“I’d recommend Platinum+. It’s really straightforward. Really simple to use. And Addtime have really looked after us.”

Jayne Dunne, Payroll Manager, Baa Bar


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