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Management is easier when you have all your information in one secure place. Within Platinum Enterprise is a comprehensive HR/personnel module to centralise all of your personnel data and helps your human resource department work more efficiently. This allows for easier reporting and ensures everything is easier to access, store and maintain. If you install this useful online HR software, your business will be GDPR compliant as a result.

As data controllers you set the security and access permission levels for your staff using the system and decide on what information is stored. All information can be easily accessed in one place whenever you need it, this includes:

• Employment history
• Biometric profiles
• Training records
• Interviews
• Medical records
• Bank or pension details
• Rights to work
• Disclosure and barring checks


Enterprise’s HR software allows you to work more efficiently, with no time lost in searching for information, and less risk to the organisation as the systems real-time alerting will always ensure training, licenses or warranties are up to date.

Upgrade to the very latest in workforce management software to save, streamline and simplify your operations.

Book a free consultation or demo of Platinum Enterprise software by calling us on 01942 272061 or contact us via email at sales@addtimerecording.co.uk.

Benefits Summary

  • Simple set up – Quickly set up new employees and add their information to the system & when employees leave deactivate information without deleting records.
  • Easy reporting – Group employees into site, department, operations etc. so reporting is easier and more detailed.
  • To do List – Pro-active agenda screen alerts when licenses and certificates are due for renewal/expiry, so you never face a shift without having adequately certified and qualified staff in place.
  • Scan and store documents directly into software Store and record essential information, all in one place from passports to fork lift truck licences.
  • Training – All qualifications, licenses and accreditations together in one secure location and system alerts before they expire.
  • Training Matrix – Log of training required, planned, authorised or completed. Builds a complete and permanent picture of your workforce’s training history, aligned to skills and employment history
  • Asset Register – Easily maintain a record of PPE, IT, Vehicles, Health & Safety, serviceable equipment in one location.
  • Right to Work / Disclosure & Barring: Keep vital data updated and in one place.
  • Take and print staff ID photos: Using any webcam and the Personnel module, take all your staff ID images, and send them direct to your badge printer.
  • Customisation User defined fields all you to store information not already included in the Personnel module with unlimited capacity available to store any company/employee information you need.
How can I automate my paper driven processes?

With the pure depth of information that can be accessed on our software, almost all of your paper driven processes can be eliminated with Platinum Enterprise.

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Employee self-service – Empowers your employees and free’s your managers to manage.

  • Every request, all in one place – Staff requests for leave using ESS, automatically appear on the ‘To do List’ meaning manager’s become more productive.
  • Better time management – Managers choose when to approve leave and appointments, so they can plan their days more effectively.
  • Total workforce vision – Managers can review all leave requests in one go, rather than piecemeal, means tighter control over the skills and experience they need.
  • Bespoke modifications: Specific messages to your staff via ESS? A prompt for a return to work interview following absence? Share the business’ latest achievements? Promote the next social event? ESS can be customised exactly to your business needs
  • Managers on the move? – Platinum+ Web Client lets managers review and approve leave and absence and attendance wherever they are.

Save, streamline and simplify your operations and make Platinum+ Personnel Software part of your whole workforce management system – with Addtime.


“I’d recommend Platinum+. It’s really straightforward. Really simple to use. And Addtime have really looked after us.”

Jayne Dunne, Payroll Manager, Baa Bar


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