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Pro-Active Monitoring & Alerts

The ‘to do’ list that helps your managers be more productive and your workplace run more smoothly – discover the power of Pro-Active Monitoring and Alerts from Platinum+.

Managers have a lot on their plates. So rather than expecting them to stay on top of every last detail, wouldn’t it be better if the system helped?

Platinum+ does – so now, staying on top of everything from missed clockings to fire alarm tests, core time infringements to staff birthdays is easy.

Managers tell the system to monitor the activities in their department or the company as a whole that they don’t want to miss. The system then sends alerts when action is required, with hyperlinks to get the manager to the relevant parts of the system fast. It’s quick, simple and user-friendly, and can help every manager spot and address:

  • Missed clockings
  • Core time infringements (lateness)
  • Unauthorised absences
  • Holidays awaiting authorisation
  • System health updates
  • Training & qualifications due to expire eg health & safety or fork lift truck driving licences
  • Unauthorised door access, doors left a jar or forced
  • Fire alarm monitor alerts and next due tests
  • Payroll countdown reminder
  • Medical review dates
  • Appraisal due dates
  • Disciplinary dates
  • Employees birthdays
  • Years of service recognition
  • Assets requiring servicing, checks or renewal eg boiler/ventilation systems/fire equipment/company vehicles

Save, streamline and simplify: make Pro-Active Monitoring & Alerts part of your whole workforce management system – with Addtime.

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