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From staff IDs to disciplinary records, medical reviews to contact details, place all your personnel records and workforce information in one secure location.

Management is easier when you have all your information in one place. The Platinum+ Personnel module helps HR departments work more efficiently, makes reporting easier and protects against the risk of things being missed.

The Personnel module helps businesses store, update and manage every piece of personnel data. You set the permission levels. You decide what information the Personnel module should hold. Then, from staff IDs to rights to work, medical reviews to bank account details, you can access all your staff information, all in one place, whenever you need it.

For HR departments, that means more efficient working, no time lost in searching for information, and less risk to the organisation, because the system will alert you whenever any stored details (eg certification renewals) are due to expire.

  • Take and print staff ID photos: Using any webcam and the Personnel module, take all your staff ID images, and send them direct to your badge printer
  • Right to Work / Disclosure & Barring: Keep vital data updated and in one place
  • Easy reporting: You choose how to group employees (eg by department or location) so reporting is easier
  • Simple set up: Use the personnel wizard to quickly set up new employees and add their information to the system
  • Unlimited information: Want to store information not already included in the Personnel module? User defined fields give you unlimited capacity to store any company/employee information you need
  • Works with legacy systems: Platinum+ can replace your existing software systems, or integrate with them

Even more information at your fingertips:

  • Manage all of your assets: PPE, IT, Vehicles, health & safety, serviceable equipment – bring all your asset data together in one place using asset manager
  • Manage every certification: Bring your people’s qualifications, licenses and accreditations together in one secure location – and let the system alert you before they expire – with the Training Matrix

Find out more about our Platinum+ HR services, including: employee self service (ESS) and payroll integration.

Save, streamline and simplify: make Personnel part of your whole workforce management system – with Addtime.

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Asset Manager

Learn more about our Platinum+ Asset Manager

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Training Matrix

Learn more about our Platinum+ Training Matrix

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