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Payroll Integration

Take the time, effort and errors out of payroll. Addtime workforce management systems integrate with the world’s favourite payroll providers.

If your payroll takes you hours (or even days) to process, integrating it with your time and attendance system could save time, resource and money.

Many businesses use payroll software, but it’s the part before the software takes over where time is lost. If your HR team is still spending hours every week or month inputting timesheets into the payroll, Addtime can transform the way you work.

Addtime’s time and attendance systems integrate with your payroll processing software. Our low cost time and attendance system is able to integrate with Sage payroll via the export link. Our full workforce management system, Platinum+, is compatible with most payroll software systems, including Sage, ADP, Earnie, Pegasus and Iris*. And because Platinum+ uses an authorised, integrated multi-company payroll link option, there’s no need for third party ’payroll linking software’.

Payroll Integration means you eliminate human keying errors from the process. No double keying. No missed entries. Approvals are fast. Meeting your payroll deadlines becomes much, much easier. And your payroll team suddenly has time to focus on other duties.

How it works

Passing data from your time and attendance system to payroll is easy. It starts as deadline approaches, with an agenda ‘payroll reminder’ set by the Platinum+ administrator that gives a countdown to deadline. Then:

  1. Ensure all line-managers have approved their staff overtime
  2. Click File, then Payroll, and select the correct company
  3. Press the ‘Transfer’ button!

Once the payroll link has passed the hours worked to the company payroll, the agenda item changes and highlights the date and time of the successful payroll link.

*Using different payroll software? Talk to us – we can usually tailor a solution to your specific system and requirements.

Save, streamline and simplify: make Payroll Integration part of your whole workforce management system – with Addtime.

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