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“Will a workforce management system really save me money?”

Yes. And time. And effort. And stress. Bring Platinum+ to your business, and you’ll find savings built into every feature.

The whole point of implementing a workforce management system – especially one as comprehensive as Platinum+ – is to save money. And whether through direct savings, or through reducing time, admin or effort, you’ll find savings everywhere.

Addtime – saving your business money:

Save on managing time and attendance

  • Stop paying for time that hasn’t actually been worked
  • Stop ‘buddy-punching’ (where a colleague clocks in for someone else) at a stroke
  • Only pay for hours actually worked
  • Save time lost in requesting and approving leave, through Employee Self Service
  • Remove the nightmare of manually collating timesheets
  • Remove the cost of manual clocking cards
  • Integrate your time and attendance data directly into your payroll system

Save on HR

  • Use Payroll Integration to cut the time taken processing payroll data by hours, or even days
  • Remove the risk of lost business or non-compliance fines with a system that tells you when accreditations, licences and qualifications are due for renewal

Save on Absence Management

  • Control your leave more effectively, so you never lose business because of a lack of skills or numbers to do the job
  • Manage sick leave more effectively to cut the cost of absence
  • Remove the time lost to recalculating annual leave entitlement – it’s all done automatically

Save on Rostering

  • Arranging your work schedules – even the most complex work patterns – takes a fraction of the time

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