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Make payroll easier / faster

“Why does payroll processing take so long?”

Save hours or even days in meeting your next payroll deadline.

It should be so simple. Your people complete their worksheets. The managers authorise the worksheets and everything arrives with you well before the deadline, ready for collating and either sending to your payroll provider or running through your payroll software. So how come it never ever works that way?

With Payroll Integration from Addtime, you need never struggle to meet payroll deadline again. And if the experiences of our clients are anything to go by, you could save hours or even days in admin time. Imagine what you could do with that…

Addtime: solving more of your payroll problems:

“Most of our payroll processing time is spent looking for manual errors. Will Platinum+ stop that?”

Yes. Because processing your payroll becomes a matter of simply exporting time and attendance data that’s already been approved, you can eliminate manual errors like double keying, typos and missed fields at a stroke.

“I need a system that’s compatible with the payroll software we’re already using.”

Platinum+ is compatible with most payroll software systems, including Sage, ADP, Earnie, Pegasus and Iris. If your company is using a different system, talk to us. We can usually tailor a solution.

“How can I make sure our managers approve their timesheets on time?”

The Platinum+ payroll reminder feature gives your managers a countdown to payroll deadline, so you spend less time chasing missing approvals.

“Don’t most payroll systems require additional software?”

Many, but not Addtime. With Platinum+, the integrated payroll linking software eliminates the expense or complication of third party software.

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