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Leave Management

“How can we manage peak leave season better?”

Leave management and strategic planning, all made easier by Platinum+

Every year it’s the same. Peak leave season arrives and, whatever measures you seem to put in place, it’s a struggle to cope. Platinum+ makes managing peak leave periods easier, by helping you get to the bottom of your leave bottlenecks, so you can make the informed improvements that change things for the better.

Addtime: solving more of your leave management issues:

“How do I manage leave and keep enough of the skills I need in work?”

Platinum+’s complete workforce vision lets you see what skills you have in work at any one time, and can help you highlight shortages in specific areas, so managers spot problems before they happen.

“We need a system that can cope with different leave entitlements.”

Your new starters may not be entitled to the same leave as long-serving staff. That’s why Platinum+ lets you establish bespoke absence entitlement policies, so everyone gets their correct entitlement automatically.

“Can I set parameters for leave entitlement?”

Platinum+ allows you to keep track of leave across the business by setting amber and red alerts if certain entitlements remain at selected points in the year, or if employees have failed to book sufficient holidays by year end.

“How do we make the annual update of leave entitlement easier?”

Free your HR team from hours or days of paperwork. Once you’ve established your leave entitlement rules in the system, it will update everyone’s leave automatically, every year.

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