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Eliminate time theft

“Am I paying people for time they’re not working?”

Stop time theft, ‘buddy-punching’ and clocking errors at a stroke.

When the times your people post aren’t actually the times they work, the effect is even greater than you might think. That’s because, in addition to paying people for nothing, your quotes and estimates are based on flawed data. Lateness and slipping standards become an accepted part of the culture. And costs become inflated as productivity suffers.

Addtime data capture systems eliminate time theft and clocking errors at a stroke, and also help your address business issues like this:


“I need to improve our punctuality”

Addtime’s workforce management solutions include time and attendance modules that drive up punctuality, productivity and efficiency.


“I want a system that can’t be fooled”

Biometric scanners are the ultra-secure way of improving punctuality and eliminating time theft – and are effective on sites of any size, with each terminal servicing over 5,000 workers.


“I need a system that gets people to work fast”

When you’ve thousands of people arriving for work at the same time, improved time-keeping has to be matched by the ability to get everyone to work quickly. Proximity scanners keep things running smoothly.


“I don’t need a system designed for thousands…”

Addtime Lite provides cost-effective time and attendance data for smaller businesses, so you can get the benefits of a time and attendance system for the lowest possible cost.

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