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ESS (Employee Self Service System)

Employee Self Service (ESS) empowers employees removing some of the strain from your HR personnel. At their desk or on the shop floor staff can now view rotas and timesheets, request leave, check training programs, hours worked, flexitime balances and much more. The result is fewer requests made to busy HR departments, and a more productive way of working.


There are two types of employee self service systems available with Platinum+:

  1. Using the new second generation ESS touchscreen terminals
  2. Secure web based portal on a browser through PC’s, tablets or smartphones

Employee Self Service at the Terminal

Absence Management

  • Holiday entitlement request and cancellation – Staff can request or cancel leave, check their  holiday entitlement, view number of days taken, requests pending approval and remaining days.
  • Absence leave request – Request leave up to three years in advance, with requests posted directly to the individual’s manager for approval


  • View my scheduled rota – Staff can check daily work schedules up to 31 days in advance.
  • View my timesheet – Check timesheets to ensure hours and rate details are correct before payday.
  • Hours worked summary – Select a previous period and check hours worked at basic plus other overtime rates. Individual booking times can also be displayed.


  • Email-me!– For speed and to avoid queues at the terminal instantly email to an individual: rotas, timesheets, and holiday information.
  • Read Receipts – Confirmation of read messages can be sent back to management.
  • 3rd party Integration– Integration links to third party systems, so information from different sources appears seamlessly in one location.
employee self service

By creating an interactive framework that shares intelligence between the hardware, firmware and software, the Employee Self Service facility is not only able to act as a secure portal enabling access to key information, it now offers the ability for individuals to initiate requests and to confirm questions from the terminal.

The Platinum+ highly developed scripting language is now flexible enough to enable leave requests to be made from the terminal, messages to be sent to individuals, confirmation of message reads to be sent back to management and it is even possible to create integration links to third party system so information from different sources appears seamlessly at one point.

employee self service

employee self service

Employee Self Service at the computer, tablet and mobile phone

As the workplace becomes increasingly diverse it won’t always be practical for employees to ‘clock-in’ at a conventional wall mounted terminal. It is in these situations where Platinum+ Employee Self Service can provide an extensive range of functions accessible from a company intranet or directly from the internet.

About Me

  • Personal information – Employees contact details, training matrix, appraisal and achievements plus stores any company documents electronically (Company Handbook, Health & Safety)

Absence Management

  • Faster Information – User friendly graphical displays of holidays booked, taken and remaining convey information clearly and quickly
  • Efficiency – Staff can check who else in their department has booked time-off before requesting their own leave, not wasting anyone’s time in HR.


  • GPS Locator – GPS location stored at the point of a clocking or booking.
  • Real time information – Add bookings in real time or retrospectively.
  • Reporting – Reports & graphs show basic and overtime hours worked each day in a week.
  • Visibility – Ability to view work rotas and timesheets and other relevant information easily.

Job Costing & Cost Centre Analysis

Add a booking in real-time or retrospectively and view timesheets

Benefits Summary

  • Empowers employees – Employees able to book and check holidays, view rota’s / timesheets at home freeing up valuable time and resource within HR department.
  • Less wasted time for HR departments – ESS provides staff all the information they need without impacting on other areas of the business like who else has booked holidays before requesting time off.
  • Greater productivity – Staff and managers can deal with simple issues like requesting or approving leave at a time that suits them and because their work isn’t interrupted, productivity increases.

Free up resources, cut wasted time, and empower your staff to manage and view the information that matters to them. Platinum+ Employee Self Service System makes life easier for staff and busy HR departments using a secure web based portal to clock-in, book and check holidays, view timesheets and receive key company data like company handbooks and payslips electronically. Save, streamline and simplify and make Employee Self Service part of your total workforce management system.


“I’d recommend Platinum+. It’s really straightforward. Really simple to use. And Addtime have really looked after us.”

Jayne Dunne, Payroll Manager, Baa Bar


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