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Cost Centre Analysis

Calculate the time and labour cost of work by department or operation.

How do you keep track of your costs when you have different rates of pay for different processes and cost centres? Platinum+ makes it easy.

When you need a system to help you analyse and keep track of your costs, it needs to work the way you do, and be as flexible as the processes you operate.

Platinum+ Cost Centre Analysis can identify time and labour costs across multiple cost centres, so if your employees operate on different rates of pay depending on the cost centre they’re working under, Platinum+ will keep pace.

You decide how best to log costs. Ask us to install a separate terminal in each cost centre. Set up a list of cost centres on each terminal and ask staff to select the correct one when they start a new job. Or ask us to develop a tailored, customised script to fit the way you work.

Whatever your work processes, we can create the cost centre analysis tool to work with you. To find out more, and to make Cost Centre Analysis part of your time and attendance, talk to Addtime.

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