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Proximity Card Clocking Systems

An alternative to biometric clocking to track attendance or for security across site is RFID proximity clocking systems using badges or fobs. Addtime have a range of proximity attendance and access control readers that can track when a worker has clocked in or out of the building and be able to open doors across a location to improve security.

If, however, you wish to learn more about whether or not biometric clocking in machines are a good idea you can read more in our blog on the topic.

Proximity Card Time Clock

  • Scanning – It allows for greater security with controlled access to areas of the site. The readers use RFID technology to scan proximity badges and fobs over a reader meaning no need to touch the system in order for it to be read.
  • Ease of use – Badges or fobs are extremely quick and easy to use ensuring productivity and access is maintained at optimum levels and saving valuable time
  • Security – RFID badges and fobs are difficult to duplicate and the technology cannot be counterfeited. Anybody with criminal intentions will find it difficult to get into your premises as it will be impossible to gauge the level of access available on these items. Additionally security measures employed in a business, such as security cameras, would soon alert management to the presence of strangers with criminal intentions.
  • Integration with other technologies – Having the same id badge or fob across the business means that other technologies can be integrated like door access and fire roll call for greater site security.
  • Making admin easier – Having a piece of reliable kit to accurately track when an employee’s shift has started and ended, could save you lots of admin time when trying to figure out where times came from and paying incorrect wages for hours that were not actually worked.

For more information on our RFID proximity time clocking systems and how it might integrate with your existing badges of fobs please contact us on 01942 272061 for a free consultation or email us at sales@addtimerecording.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help find the right solution for your needs. If you need to buy additional RFID badges (customisable with your own logo’s and employee ID details in single or multi-colour) or fobs then ask about our range of options.

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