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Job Costers & Time/Date Stamps

Simple, effective numbering, dating and timing of the invoices, dockets, receipts and other documents your business needs to log and store.

Time Stamp Machine

Addtime supplies a number of high-performance time stamp machines that can record the time, number and/or date important documents, particularly those that come into the business. For good received notices, invoices, shipping dockets and other important documents that need to be logged and stored, a time stamp machine is a valuable asset to the business.

Job Coster

Our innovative range of job costers replace heavy manually operated time/date stamps and provide an efficient way of number, dating and timing documents that your organisations needs to store. These job coster solutions are discreet, user-friendly and print in a variety of formats.

Date Stamp Systems

We supply date stamp systems manufactured by market leaders such as Seiko, Amano and Needtek. Each product has been carefully chosen by Addtime because of the superior features and benefits it provides over others in the market.

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time and attendance
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