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Intelligent self-calculating clocking machines

Ideal for smaller organisations, intelligent clocking in machines calculate the times between entry and exit – saving your payroll team time and saving your business money.

What’s the difference between our traditional clock-card based machines and an intelligent self-calculating time recorder? Self-calculating machines do more than simply record time – they calculate the time between clocking in and out, so managing time and attendance and processing your payroll become much quicker and easier.

Save, streamline and simplify with low cost self-calculating clocking machines from Addtime.

Choose from:

Max-ER-1600 Intelligent Clocking In Machine


MAX ER-1600

Simple time calculating for small businesses with up to 50 employees, and up to 150 employees in non-calculating mode

Max ER-2700 Intelligent Clocking In Machines


MAX ER-2700

The time recorder that does much more than calculate the hours your people work – for up to 150 staff

SEIKO-QR-395 Clocking In Machine



Unlimited daily punching for up to 100 employees – saving you time and money, and helping you cost jobs

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Need even more from your clocking? Did you know a simple, low cost automated time and attendance system could do more than calculate your working time? It could help you manage absence and integrate with your payroll too. Find out more.

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