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Clocking Systems

Here at Addtime you will find a wide selection of clocking in machines, clocking systems and accessories to suit your business. Our effective, efficient range can cater for businesses with anything from a few dozen to a few thousand employees.

Employees are the most valuable resource your company has; however, it can also be one of the costliest if not managed effectively. A clocking in machine can easily resolve this issue. A clock card time recorder and clocking in machines do more than simply record time.

They print automatically, switch between GMT and BST each spring and autumn, ring the bell for shifts and breaks and highlight lateness. Self-calculating clocking in machines do more than simply record time – they calculate the time between clocking in and clocking out.

Since 1982 we have supplied and maintained a wide range of clocking machines, as well as time and date stamps and job costers to assist you in tracking hours worked by employees or for tasks like tracking company projects. Our machines provide a battery back-up which will protect not only the clock, but the calendar and memory for up to three years guaranteeing peace of mind when it comes to your business and your records and data.

As technology has massively advanced over recent years, so too have clocking in systems. Now easier than ever to navigate and manage, clocking in and out of the workplace is a seamless activity with many companies reaping numerous benefits from using such a method. By moving to an electrical device, you are instantly reducing the amount of paperwork that is needed, creating a safe and accessible place to store all your information electronically.

If you are looking to cut down on admin, paper and payroll costs as well as calculating daily and weekly hours then the answer for you could be our Platinum Enterprise software! If you want to an upgrade to modern software further with our team of experts, then contact us today!

Are you interested in installing a clock card machine from Addtime or keen for more information about one of our many other products? Call us on 01942 272061 or send an email to sales@addtimerecording.co.uk.

Clock Cards

Keep your people punching and your business ticking is it time to top up your stock of clock cards?

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