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Ultra-secure and ultra-swift biometric or proximity scanners ensure your people can swiftly and securely clock in and out. Choose from:

Biometric fingerprint: Fingerprint recognition software scans each employee’s unique fingerprint profile, eliminating the possibility of staff clocking in and out for each other. Each scan takes less than 1 second.

Biometric facescan: Recognition software scans each employee’s unique facial profile, also eliminating the possibility of ‘buddy punching’. Each scan takes less than 1 second.

Proximity: Staff clock in and out via keyfob, ideal for applications where dirty hands or dusty environments may make biometric scanning more difficult. Each scan takes less than 1 second.

  • When employees clock in and out the clocking data is sent across the network to your PC or collected on a USB memory stick. Addtime Lite software then automatically and accurately calculates each employee’s basic hours and overtime according to your working patterns.
  • Both biometric terminals are supplied with 12 keyfobs, ensuring all employees are always able to enrol.
  • Add additional terminals and PCs as required.
  • For hardware specifications, please download a factsheet.

Step 2: Choose your software

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