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Whether you’re getting the hang of your system for the first time, training new staff, or simply need a refresher, let our experts create your experts.

Addtime’s time and attendance, absence management and whole workforce management systems are intuitively simple to use. But we know that as your business needs change, you may need training on new system modules, or training for new users.

That’s why we’ve a programme of training for every stage of your Addtime experience, so you’re always able to make the most of your system.

Post-installation training

We’ll take you from novice to expert in no time, training your system administrators, managers and key staff on the functions they’ll be using every day, and enabling you to cascade that training down throughout the organisation.

Everyone successfully completing post-installation training will receive an Addtime Certificate of Achievement to include in professional development records. Why not store digital copies of this and all your training, licenses, permits and qualifications in the Platinum Enterprise HR module?

How do you do…?

In the first 10 days of your live Addtime system, call us for phone support and we’ll talk you through any gaps in your knowledge. Thereafter, take any of our support packages and you’ll be able to get your questions answered quickly and simply.

Refresher training

New functions? Occasional users with rusty skills? Feel you need help in getting the most out of your system? Talk to us about arranging refresher training to deliver exactly what your people need.

New system users

Ask us to prepare a training programme to bring any number of users up to speed, to the level of depth they – and your business – require.

Post-installation Training Certificate

Platinum Enterprise Training Certificate

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