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Affordable Leasing

All the benefits of Addtime for a low monthly payment and no capital outlay. Make your workforce management solution even more cost effective – lease it.

There’s a simpler, cheaper way to bring a new workforce management system to your organisation.

When you choose any combination of hardware and software totaling £1,000 or more you can lease it for 2-5 years with monthly payments starting as low as £23.00.

When you do, you get complete workforce vision – and all this:

  • Protect your working capital and credit: If you’re not spending your capital or using your credit on a workforce management system, you can use it somewhere else.
  • Tax benefits: Buying can limit your tax deductible allowances. When you rent, the whole rental amount is usually deductible.
  • Fixed payments: Leasing with Addtime is unaffected by interest rate changes – so your business can budget more effectively.
  • No waiting: Enjoy the full benefits of your workforce management system now, without having to wait until there’s room in budget.
  • Easy upgrades, friendly support: Your lease includes 12 months’ warranty and support for hardware and software. After that, you can choose one of our flexible support packages to keep your system protected – and your software upgraded – for the life of the lease.
  • Save more than you pay: Addtime customers are saving in dozens of ways. They’re losing less time to buddy punching and time theft. They’re paying for the hours that are really worked. They’re saving time processing time and attendance, and payroll, and they’re costing jobs more effectively. Talk to us about the ROI you can expect when you lease a workforce management system from Addtime.

About leasing with Addtime

Addtime workforce management system leasing is operated by Academy Leasing, a funder and broker of business finance. All underwriting decisions are made by Academy, so decisions are quick.

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