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Standalone Access Control

Simple card or keypad access control that matches security with simplicity.

Discover standalone access control tailored to your business, from Addtime.

There’s probably no one type of door that lets staff and guests into your business. They are external doors, internal doors, doors accessed by everyone, or doors accessed by only a select few. Addtime has the standalone access control systems to give you tailored security across every part of your business.

Your system could include:

  • Your choice of entry – via keypad, key fob or card
  • Keypad-less systems for tamper-free protection
  • Simple ‘tap and add’ activation of new cards and fobs
  • Support for 100-2000 PIN codes
  • Multi-level user codes
  • Free passage, group or total lock-out modes
  • PC programmable models with audit trails
  • Weatherproof models
  • A range of finishes to match your entrance architecture

Save, streamline, simplify and protect: talk to Addtime about standalone Access Control for your business.

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