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Holidays (Manage & Track)

Track holiday entitlement and manage leave schedules so you’ve always got the right skills and experience in place. Absence management is easier with Addtime.

Get a tighter grip on all your workplace leave

Absence Management


What would happen if all your delivery drivers were on holiday at the same time? Or your Facilities people? Or your first-aiders? More importantly, what’s stopping it happening? If it’s only a matter of luck that you’ve never had all your fire marshals off at the same time, Platinum+ Absence Management will take luck out of the holiday booking process.

  • See all leave requirements before you authorise: Platinum+ Absence Management frees managers from dealing with ad hoc leave requests. Because every request is presented for review, managers can see the global effect of all requested leave before authorising or declining it
  • All the information managers need: Comprehensive absence and holiday booking screens ensure that users enter all the information managers need to make a decision. If information is missing, the system will flag it
  • Statistical analysis that aids decision making: Detailed statistical information ensures managers have an accurate picture of staffing levels, roles and skills before they approve. So you’re never faced with all your fork-lift drivers off at the same time, or the mad panic of trying to find cover
  • Controlled entitlements: Leave is automatically deducted from the annual entitlements you set, so no member of staff can take more than they are entitled to
  • Automatically renews leave: How much time do your HR staff spend each year refreshing leave entitlements? Platinum+ does it automatically
  • Comprehensive monitoring: Tracks all absence in the workplace – including holiday leave, absenteeism and days booked in advance
  • Your policies, policed: You set the absence entitlement policies that determine how much holiday someone gets. You set how much leave can be carried forward from one year to the next. You award ‘days in lieu’ as you’ve always done. Platinum+ follows your instructions to the letter

Absence Management is available to all your staff, not only those who clock in at a terminal or use Employee Self Service. To find out how it could transform the way you deal with leave, talk to us.

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