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Absenteeism Scoring (Bradford Factor)

Addtime absence management systems include Bradford Factor short term absence scoring, so they match the way you measure sick leave.

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If you’re in HR you’ll probably know all about the Bradford Factor. It’s the scoring system devised to help companies calculate the effect of leave, and works on the assumption that more, shorter periods of absence are costlier and more disruptive to your business than fewer, longer spells.

Bradford scores are a way of identifying individuals with repeated absence and patterns of absence worthy of further investigation.

How organisations use Bradford Factor scoring changes from company to company, but however you use it, Platinum+ can work with you to make it more effective.

  • Triggers: Set trigger points for reviews in line with the Bradford Factors scores you set, and never miss a review point again
  • Stop ‘casual’ sickness: Promote the Bradford Factor scoring system within your workplace to reduce casual, duvet day-type absences. Case studies show that, used carefully, Bradford Factor scoring can reduce absence levels by as much as 20%
  • Set consistent standards: Operating a Bradford Factor-based absence system through Platinum+ enforces compliance, ensuring that all managers meet their obligations in a consistent way
  • Alerts for non-compliance: Missing trigger review points isn’t only bad practice – it can compromise any business at a dispute or tribunal. Platinum+ ensures that line managers are alerted should trigger points be left unactioned
  • Customisation: Link Bradford Factor scoring to your disciplinary records in Platinum+ with bespoke scripting

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