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Absence Trends

Addtime Absence Management systems help you monitor absence trends and use your data more effectively, so every new policy is an improvement on the last.

Cut the cost of absence from your workplace

Absence Trends


How much time are you losing to absence – and what can you do about it? The Absence Management module in Platinum+ gives you a clear view of the true state of absence in your workplace. So you can spot the trends that are costing you, put new policies in place, and monitor them.

  • See your business more clearly: It’s easy to lose sight of what’s really happening in your workplace. Rolling and tactical absence trend analysis from Platinum+ lets you see absence within your business more clearly and put in place new policies to manage it more effectively
  • Never miss a workplace review: Return to work interviews are flagged when an employee returns to work, so managers don’t miss an essential conversation
  • Every interview logged: Record the details of return to work interviews, logging the points raised and the reasonable adjustments made, so everything’s in one place
  • Trigger alerts: Has an absence spell triggered a review point? Platinum+ will alert your managers that a trigger point review is due, so your staff are treated equally, managers are consistent, and your business is protected against the simple compliance failures that can cost it at dispute
  • Monitors your policies: Do special rules apply to your new starters? Do your longest serving employees get additional leave? Platinum+ adapts to the policies you set, and monitors trends

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Absence Entitlements

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