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Absence Management Software

£17 billion. That’s the cost of absence in the workplace each year according to ACAS. Platinum+ Absence management system helps you understand and identify the true causes and costs of absenteeism in your business and develop the strategies to reduce them.


Track your holiday entitlements manage your holiday schedules, monitor absenteeism and replace paper based processes in your company are the 4 key drivers in the Platinum+ absence management system.

This comprehensive absence/leave management software provides the following:

Benefits Summary

  • Bradford Factor – Compatible with Bradford Factor methodology to monitor short term spells of sickness, a major cause of absenteeism in companies.
  • Approvals & Timestamping – All absence requests must be approved and finalised and electronic holiday requests are time stamped for secure auditing.
  • Accountability & Transparency – Line managers able to view holiday plans before authorising an absence booking making them more accountable for their actions.
  • 12 Month Rolling Absence – Spot absence trends over time by company, site or department.
  • Tactical Absences – Enhanced tactical absence analysis to identify absence trends. For example a holiday booked in January for May is declined by manager yet person still takes the holiday in May means there is now clear evidence to show this abuse took place.
  • Absence Statistics – Managers can plan and control staffing levels in their departments eg. Fork lift truck drivers, Heath & Safety / First Aid officers are always present on site.
  • Holiday Entitlements – Create absence entitlement policies that define the number of day’s holiday and special rules for new starters and long serving employees ensuring that employees cannot take more than their yearly leave entitlement.
  • Auto Calculation – Holidays calculated automatically for an employee no matter what their start date.
  • Block book absences – Bank holidays / factory shutdowns for company or grouping
  • Leave Management – Record offsite meetings / training as part of a roll call engine
  • Employee Self-Service – Allow employees to book and check holidays using a web based browser portal.

absence management system

absence management systemabsence management systemabsence management systemabsence management system

Platinum+ absence management system keeps track of the different types of absenteeism in the workplace as well as monitoring the holidays taken and days booked in advance enabling you to plan future absences and control costs.


“I’d recommend Platinum+. It’s really straightforward. Really simple to use. And Addtime have really looked after us.”

Jayne Dunne, Payroll Manager, Baa Bar


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