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Why Workforce Management Systems?

Think Addtime workforce management systems are all about swiping, scanning and clocking? Think again – and discover new ways to simplify admin, save money and streamline your processes.

Complete Workforce Vision

Can your existing time and attendance system help you reduce sick absence? Or control access to your premises? Or help you cost that next project more effectively? Platinum Enterprise can. We call it complete workforce vision, delivered by a powerful whole workforce management system that can transform the way you work.

Here’s just some of what it could do for you:

  • Time & Attendance: Accurate clocking of every start, break and finish time, with every late swipe and missed clocking reported. For dozens of staff or thousands, and for all your shift patterns, using the latest swipe, proximity or biometric scanners
  • Absence Management: Does peak leave season present the same problems every year? Is short term sick absence costing you? We’ll help you identify the trends behind your workplace absenteeism so you can make more informed decisions
  • HR: From staff IDs to disciplinary records, medical reviews to contact details and training needs, scan and store all your workforce information directly into one secure location
  • Payroll Integration: Spending hours or days every month on preparing your data for payroll? We’ll help turn hours into minutes by integrating timesheets with 3rd party payroll systems
  • Job Costing: Log time to individual jobs, departments and tasks, so you can see how much jobs really cost, and take the guesswork out of quoting
  • Work Scheduling: Arrange work rosters that ensure you always have the right numbers and skills in place
  • Employee Self Service: At clocking terminals or remotely, let your people view their worksheets, request leave and more
  • Access Control: Bring extra security to your business. Restrict access when and where you need it. Control every door, gate and barrier. And manage every visitor without the need for a manned reception. Ask us how.
  • Planning: Addtime workforce management systems gathers data on everything from leave to job costing, absence to access. We’ll help you use it
  • Mobile Working: GPS track your mobile workers so you can see where they are, when they started work, and who’s best placed to answer that emergency callout
  • Fire Roll Call: In an emergency, get roll call reports of everyone in the building sent your mobile device or printer – so you keep your people safe and your business H&S compliant.

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What’s the difference between our time & attendance and workforce management systems?

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