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Addtime Senior Management Team

Calling us to talk about installing a new system, training to use it, or support that keeps it performing at its best? You’ll be talking to one of us…

Peter Hilton - Managing Director

Peter Hilton

Managing Director

“’The best products, with the right levels of service and support to all of our customers at all times’: it’s a simple goal but it’s one that’s served us (and our customers) well since 1982. It’s a goal I remain committed to delivering, every day.

“During my time with Addtime we’ve made the strategic change from a pure time and attendance company to a business that does much more. Where once we sold punch cards and clocking machines, now it’s about biometric scanners, and time and attendance is just one element of whole workforce management systems that can help you cost jobs, manage attendance, monitor your mobile workers and keep you safe in a fire.

“The most enjoyable part of what I do? I think it’s helping customers who’ve not been given the service and support they needed with another vendor. I love being able to show them what we can do and making them part of the ‘Addtime Family’.

“Outside Addtime, you’ll find me spending time with my family and friends.”

Tim Groves

Business Development & Sales Manager

“I’m responsible for the sales and marketing strategy of the business. Since joining Addtime in 2015 (replacing Geoff Watson who retired) I’ve been working on building our customer relationships by approaching what we do in a different way. As part of that, we’ve developed a brand new corporate identity, and are changing the way we talk with our clients, focusing on the issues we can help you solve, rather than merely products. It’s already proving to be a big success.

“On a daily basis, my role is to present the business benefits of using Addtime products and services to customers.

“The biggest thrill about my role is seeing how the changes we are making are affecting the business. Moving from a product driven company to one that is providing solutions means it’s much easier for customers to see the added value of buying or using Addtime products and services. Customers who thought they only needed time and attendance systems are discovering that actually we could be helping them do/solve so much more.

“Most of my spare time is spent with my partner and 3 children in Blackpool. They grow up fast so I don’t want to miss it! I am also Chairman of a father’s group, FACE, offering impartial support, advice and information to dads, stepfathers and guardians.”

James Ainsworth-McVey

James Ainsworth-McVey

Sales & Support Manager

“I guess you could sum up what I do as sales, support, training and project managing. Every day I’ll be doing one or more of these”.

If you’re a new client, I’ll be project managing your installation and awareness training. Then, as you get used to your new workforce management system, I’ll help you explore how you can better utilise it, provide software support, and carry out your post-installation review.

“Every day we want to show that we care about our clients’ needs, and that we’re willing to go that extra mile to give them exactly what they want. I feel all my work links to that in some way – by knowing exactly what a customer requires, perhaps before they know themselves; by taking an account from the sale stage through to implementation/training; and by managing accounts in a personal way that reassures clients there’s always somebody they can rely on”.

“I think all of that – and the fact we’re still a family business – is what’s growing Addtime’s reputation in the market. I’m really proud of what we do, the way we do it, and the way we’re able to help businesses solve the problems they’ve been struggling with – sometimes for years”.

“Being in my early twenties, most of my spare time is spent attending music festivals, travelling as much as possible and socialising on weekends with friends. I also love playing and watching football – with my Liverpool FC season ticket being a valuable treasure.”

Stephen Lilley

Stephen Lilley

Head of Software Support

“When you buy any Addtime workforce management system, I’ll be responsible for setting up the software here at Addtime and at your site. I’ll also usually be the one training your people to use it, and I love working with users and systems administrators to help them get the most out of the system.

“If you’ve a support question that needs answering it will usually be me you speak to. One of the most rewarding parts of what I do isn’t just solving customer problems – its helping you explore brand new ways of using your Addtime system. I guarantee that, at some point during the life of your support, we’ll have a conversation that ends with you saying “I never knew it could do that!”

“I’m a sporty person and love travel. At weekends you’ll find me keeping fit. On longer breaks I’ll usually be trotting the globe with friends.”

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