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About Us

Since 1982, Addtime Recording have been helping to make every working day easier by giving businesses like yours a complete workforce vision.

Every day, tens of thousands of people scan, swipe or clock into work using Addtime time and attendance systems and software. When the company began, back in 1982, you would have called us for your clocking machines and clock cards, today however, things have advanced considerably.

Software has become smarter; it’s not just able to provide simple time and attendance but now a complete workforce management solution is able to do so much more than clock your people in and out:


  • Biometrics can uniquely verify individual’s attendance eliminating time clock fraud.
  • Payroll integration can reduce your payroll process time by up to 50%
  • Live roll call and fire roll call can make your staff safer
  • Door access controls can make your sites more secure

Market leading time and attendance software can:

  • Create real time alerts for lateness, missed clocking’s, unauthorised absence and training and qualification expiry dates.
  • Help you become more GDPR compliant by centralising all of your personnel and absence data.
  • Automate holiday requests and monitor absenteeism using tools like Bradford Factor.
  • A mobile application can monitor your remote workers with GPS location tracking.

Why choose us?

  • 35 yrs ‘Excellence’ in the supply & install of time and attendance systems and software
  • Experienced sales/support/installation team delivering to a broad customer base.
  • Support / Service focussed on ‘Partnership’ and getting more from your software now and in future using a mix of onsite and online training
  • Comprehensive Project Management from initial scoping to implementation, training and after sales ensures your software is always set up and working correctly.
  • Take a look at our client base and our testimonials to see how we’ve helped other businesses


Every time we work with a client, our starting point is not what our systems can do, it’s understanding your problems, issues and challenges then finding the right solution to resolve them. We can also help you get more from your existing software.

It’s a conversation we’ve already had with hundreds of organisations spanning industries like: logistics and distribution, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, food and drink, retail and wholesale, hospitality and leisure as well as the public sector. It’s a conversation we’d love to have with you.

Book a FREE consultation today and see how Addtime can help your business save time and money by calling us today on 01942 272061

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