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Hand scanner

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The “Handscan” biometric clocking in system positively identifies each employee when clocking, by scanning the unique size and shape of their hand……meaning no more false clockings or paying for time that employees are not present, saving your company thousands of pounds each and every year, whilst helping comply with health and safety in fire situations by producing immediate and accurate fire roll call reports!

Once workers have clocked in using the biometric hand scan system, this valuable clocking information is sent through to the PC software for automatic calculation, editing and analysis. Available at any time, even from remote sites, this data allows you to stay in complete control of your employees’ time and attendance at all times.

The tried and tested “hand scan” biometric clocking in technology is not affected by the employees’ hand being dirty, greasy, wet etc, all of which render fingerprint systems useless, or at best unreliable.

The “Handscan” time and attendance system is unique, as it scans the hand from above, meaning the employees’ hand has no contact with the actual reader, providing unsurpassed reliability whilst being extremely low maintenance.

Handscan Hardware Features

  • Scans employee’s hand from above meaning dirt and dust on the hand will NOT cause mis-reads
    50, 100, 500 or 10,000 employee capacity.
  • Robust ABS construction
  • PIN code and hand recognition to prevent attendance fraud
  • Large clear display for confirmation of employee clockings
  • Quick and easy set-up of new starters
  • Wall or Desk mounting
  • Multiple connection types: Serial, USB, TCP/IP, Modem

Handscan Software Options

The Handscan terminal is compatible with Addtime Platinum+.

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time and attendance